Patients visiting Dr. San Martin can receive a full range of obstetric and gynecological care. He provides annual gynecological examinations, treatment for specific gynecological illnesses and issues and full obstetrical care.





Pregnancy care


Abnormal Pap smears


Irregular cycles




Irregular bleeding


Hormone testing


Primary care


Birth control


Gynecological surgery


Accepted Insurance




Dr. San Martin is an OB-GYN treating patients in The Woodlands area as well as Spring, Conroe and surrounding  communities. He is affiliated with Methodist, St. Luke’s, Memorial Herman (Woodlands)  and Houston Northwest Medical Center.


We strive to provide excellent care and effective treatment to each of our patients


Our Policies

What is included in the Well Woman Exam?

Your annual exam consists of services that include a pap smear, pelvic exam, breast exam, and birth control refills. If you meet the age criteria, a mammogram and bone density scan will also be ordered. However, if you have a medical problem or concern outside of these annual services, you must schedule a separate appointment for this problem.

What if I have a new insurance policy?

Please call the office and provide insurance changes at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. This will insure that the billing office can verify your benefits. Any delays could result in additional out of pocket expenses or denied claims.

How are payments handled?

As a courtesy, we will bill your insurance for all office visits, procedures, surgeries, and obstetrical care and delivery. We ask that you pay any portion not covered by your insurance due to deductibles or copayments on the day of service.

What is your appointment cancelation policy?

Should you need to cancel your appointment, please give 24 hour prior notice in consideration to other patients. Failure of 24 hour notification will result in a $25 fee.

Obstetrical self-pay refunds?

Global obstetrical prices are determined prior to your first office visit. Should you deliver at a hospital that Dr San Martin is not credentialed, a refund will not be provided.

What occurrences are subject to practice dismissal?

After two documented “No Show” appointments. Request for a medical release of records to another OB/GYN. Obstetrical patients who have not paid in full the estimated global delivery fee by the 32nd week of gestation. Confrontational or disrespectful behavior.

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Why Should You Work With US ?

We have a huge experience as a multidisciplinary professional team that have worked with global brands, delivering our own special take on digital. We’re able to quickly comprehend project requirements and deliver strategic responses that meet your objectives; creating beautiful, thought provoking solutions for our clients. We are constantly learning and improving, in order to offer our customers the most advanced solutions in every project. Responsibility, rationality and enthusiasm are not just words, but really our main principles of work.

What Do You Use For Creating Your Digital Solutions (Websites, Ecommerce, etc..) ?

We design clean, sophisticated solutions utilising an array of platforms and based on your budget, the tasks of your project and its functions. According what solution fits the best to your specifications, we can develop your project using Webflow, Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Symfony framework, Tilda, Webydo, Readymag solutions. Our roots are firmly set in e-Commerce, we understand how to deliver projects that convert users into customers that's why we offer ecommerce development using Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, X-Cart (Wix, Ecwid, Etsy for limited budgets).

Can you solve non-standard tasks, for example, develop a video for our advertising campaign or site?

Our work as an agency involves regular work with proven external contractors. We know the market well, talented specialists and we will be able to select a professional for the solution of the most specific problem, whether it be creating an illustration in the Gothic style or keeping a channel in Telegram similar to the "former" one.

We already have a website, can you take it for support ?

We strive for long-term relationships with customers, this requires the support of existing products. We are ready to consider the possibility of supporting and developing your project.

Is it possible for you to make only prototyping and design mock-ups ?

Yes, we regularly carry out projects exclusively for prototyping and creating design mock-ups. We carefully prepare the final materials and prepare the documentation for a qualified transfer of the result of works to the front-development. Also, we are ready to carry out the author's supervision of maintaining high quality when making layouts of our design layouts.

We are in another city or country, is it possible to work with you remotely, without personal meetings ?

Of course. We have long and successfully relationships with companies geographically located in different parts of the world. And nowadays, it is more convenient to organize a videoconference via Slack, Skype or Gmail Hangout, discuss by e-mail or via our website livechat. And, of course, we will always be glad to have personal meetings and are ready for business trips.

Why should we pick a remote creative studio over someone local?

The real question is why not? Remote is a reality of the 21stcentury. The World is interconnected as never before, giving you an opportunity to bring in all the people who are a great fit for your vision and culture, not only the ones who happen to dwell within your ZIP code. These days the internal communication in many companies is carried out in Slack and projects are managed in Asana or similar products, anyway. Hooking up an external team member in there won't be any different. When you know how remote really works and how to manage people at a distance, enormous opportunities are opening up to you. Good Read Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

How do you manage to work across different time-zones ?

Like any digital creatives, designers are lucky enough not to be dependent on their location for doing their work. When you think of all the activities they do during the day, it appears that most of the time designers are executing stuff, and only a fraction of time is dedicated to communication. You don’t really want a designer talking all day long and not doing the actual job, do you?

  • Splitting the workflow // Our duality is our greatest advantage as we merge European design and strategy with American can-do engeneering and speed, with collaborative teams split between Paris (FRANCE) and Montreal (CANADA). We're working around the clock, compressing project timelines without ever compromising on quality. We are the agency that never sleeps.
  • Optimizing the communication // Find the overlapping time, when it’s convenient for all the parties to have a Skype-meeting, and keep the rest of the interchange in Slack or any other collaboration tool like Invision. You’ll find that it actually works pretty great, when you write your feedback in the evening, and find it already implemented the very next morning.

What is your hourly rate ?

Our current hourly rate is between $70/H and $225/H, depending on the service and the solution provided. This number is used for part-time arrangements and project budget estimations. We tend to work on projects, that take at least a week or two to accomplish. That’s quick enough even for startups that are living and breathing lean, but at the same time long enough to make a thoughtful contribution to the product. So, it’s safe to say, that you can think of $5,000 as an entry point to your MVP design. To get an idea of what you might get for this money, let’s look at the following table. This is a sample budget and timing estimate for a website of 8 pages (although pages are getting obsolete these days as digital design metrics and are replaced with views and states, they are still quite convenient as estimation units). A principal screen (page or view) takes more time to design as it is a starting point for the whole project. It's used to set up general design direction for the product, establish its visual language and overall concept. I usually offer up to 4 rounds of iterations at this point, so we can freely go back and forth with a client to experiment and find an optimal solution. Once we have an agreement on the general direction and the foundation is set, the rest of the process is way more straightforward and takes less time to figure out. Minor interface states like hovers, favicons and basic dialog pop-ups are included in the total project estimate. Same goes for basic design specs and thorough implementation revision.


Pourquoi devriez-vous travailler avec nous ?

Nous sommes un collectif de professionnels passionnés et expérimentés ayant travaillé avec des marques mondiales, tout en offrant notre propre touche spéciale sur le monde numérique. Nous sommes en mesure de comprendre rapidement les exigences du projet et de fournir des réponses stratégiques qui répondent à vos objectifs; créant de belles solutions réfléchies pour nos clients. Nous apprenons et améliorons constamment, afin d'offrir à nos clients les solutions les plus avancées dans chaque projet. La responsabilité, la rationalité et l'enthousiasme ne sont pas seulement des mots, mais vraiment nos principaux principes de travail.

Quelles technologies utilisez-vous pour créer vos solutions numériques (sites Web, sites ecommerce, etc...) ?

Nous concevons des solutions sur-mesures en utilisant un éventail de plateformes en prenant en compte votre budget, les tâches de votre projet et ses fonctions. Selon la solution qui convient le mieux aux critères de votre projet, nous utiliserons des solutions telles que Webflow, Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, Symfony, Tilda, Webydo ou Readymag. Nos racines sont fermement ancrées dans la culture ecommerce, nous comprenons l'importance de la conversion et de ROI, et c'est pour cette raison que nous privilégierons des technologies telles que Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, X-Cart ( Wix, Ecwid, Etsy pour des budgets limités ).

Pouvez-vous résoudre des tâches non comprises dans la liste de vos services, par exemple, réaliser une vidéo explicative pour une campagne publicitaire ou pour notre site ?

Notre travail en tant qu'agence implique une collaboration régulière avec des spécialistes externes éprouvés. Nous connaissons bien le marché et nous serons en mesure de sélectionner un professionnel avec qui collaborer pour répondre au moindre de vos besoins de communication.

Nous sommes dans une autre ville ou pays, est-il possible de travailler avec vous à distance, sans rencontre physique ?

Bien sûr. Nous avons des relations longues et réussies avec des entreprises géographiquement situées dans différentes parties du monde. Et de nos jours, il est plus commode d'organiser une vidéoconférence via Slack, Skype ou Gmail Hangout, de discuter par e-mail ou tout simplement via le livechat de notre site. Et, bien sûr, nous serons toujours heureux d'avoir des réunions personnelles et prêts à faire des voyages d'affaires.

Nous disposons déjà d'un site Web, pouvez-vous le prendre en charge ?

Nous nous efforçons de tisser des relations à long terme avec nos clients et cela inclut souvent des services de refonte, de maintenance ou de support pour des produits déjà existants.

Est-il possible de commander que des prototypes ou des maquettes de conception ?

Oui, nous effectuons régulièrement des projets incluant exclusivement le prototypage ( UX / UI Design ) et la création de maquettes de conception. Nous préparons soigneusement le matériel final ainsi que la documentation pour un transfert qualifié des travaux à la phase de développement front-end.



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